People usually regard conventional rubber materials as industrial products. However, by combining various scientific and technological disciplines together with our unique ideas, we have been able to develop various applications. These applications are used not only in general manufacturing but research and development being carried out other fields as well. In the aerospace industry and agricultural and dairy faming businesses, YAMAMOTO's rubber materials are incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and dramatically expanding the potentials for rubber.

In the aerospace industry
Our rubber material has long been used as a heat insulation on spacecraft. Recently, it is also being used to improve comfort for passengers on transport planes. Greater external pressure and air drag are exerted onto larger transports, causing the airframe to be deformed. Our rubber material adsorbs this deformation and at the same alleviates the squeaking noise. As our products freely cruise the sky and reach space, our rubber materials are going to find newer applications around the world.
Emergency suit widely recognized around the world

Our survival seasuits protect the human bodies in a dangerous environment. Our unique materials for marine rescue activities are approved by the world's most demanding German industrial standard DIN and the American certification organ UL, indicating the worldwide recognition for their highest quality (UL certification No.MQ604).
Automotive vibration control material for comfortable engine sound

The major purpose of the shock-absorbing materials in automobiles, particularily, sports cars, has been to prevent the noise from the engine room from being transmitted to the cabin. However, some European car manufactures desire that our rubber materials absorb the squeaking noise emitted from the rather than the suppress all of the noise, in order to allow the car enthusiasts to enjoy the sound from the exhaust. To sum up, we may believe that the functionality of YAMAMOTO's vibration control rubber has been recognized by top ranking car manufacturers.
Bio Rubber also promotes the growth of plants.

It has been proven that a Bio Rubber sheet placed below a tray for water culture can homogenize the in the tray and promote the growth of the plant. The data obtained thus far shows that the speed of a plant's growth is greater and the quality of the grown plant is better when Bio Rubber is used. Thus, the demand for Bio Rubber in this field is expected to increase. Recently, it has also become known that plants grow better and yield a higher quality product when the Yanohara-invented water cultivation technique (patented) is used. For these reasons, Bio Rubber is attracting recognition in this agricultural business.
Synsensor protects the human body against possibly hazardous electromagnetic waves.

Synsensor materials protect human bodies by blocking electromagnetic waves, which occur from electronic devices such as computers and handy-phones which may adversely affect human health.
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