One unique feature of our rubber materials is the proportion of closed cells being high as about 93%. The dead air trapped in the closed cells contributes to excellent heat conservation performance and provides excellent stretching capability not available with conventional rubber materials. Furthermore, special metal power blended into the rubber offers new functionality such as bio waves to fulfill the needs the modern age. As result, there is an increased expectation for commercialization of newer products. In shot, our rubber materials are futuristic materials whose functionality can evolve as human wisdom increases.

The choice of leading fashion designers

Our rubber materials enable three-dimensional designs not achievable with other materials. The colorful and unique texture of our materials is helping create a new trend in the fashion industry. In addition, YAMAMOTO's technical rubber materials are a practical choice because they are light-weight and excellently heat-conserving. Thus, they are increasingly used in the new designs of top ranking designers such as; Louis Vuitton, Yamamoto, Koshino Junko and Koshino Michiko.

Bio power improves powder puff's cosmetic application.

Up until now, our rubber material was only used for the application of cosmetics. Now, however, our Bio Rubber is being used to homogenize water molecules on the skin surface to ensure better deposition and penetration of cosmetic particles.
Research into the possible applications of Bio Rubber in the area of food science is in progress in a quest for better taste.

Recent research works revealed that the degree of freshness of a given food can be judged based on how much the food is filled with negative static discharge. Conversely, a state of "gradual loss in freshness", or a process of decomposition, coincides with a process where the potential of positive discharge on a food gradually increases. It has been increasingly clear as a result of this research that a Bio Rubber material expels the persistent positive static charge on the food in question, and the food in question maintains its freshness. The food industry in Japan is taking a close look at these findings. Thus, various Bio Rubber-based products are currently in a R&D phase.
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