A sport's development has generally been supported by the development of a new material which is used in that sport. This is true when it comes to the correlation between marine sports and new rubber materials. It is also true in the area of the triathlon, where our rubber product has led to great advances. How can we ensure greater freedom and agility for the athelete's arms and legs? We strongly believe that higher functionality of suits means better records. Our triathlon suits are favored by top-ranking triathletes international meets, helping athletes achieve new records.
Our triathlon suits boast more than a 90% share of the world's market.

Our wetsuits exceed 90% of the triathlon wear market. Our Super Composite Skin(S.C.S)material was developed specifically for topflying international meets including Olymlic Games.This material employs YAMAMOTO's propriety micelle structure (patented) to reduce the underwater drag to 0.021 (coefficient of skin friction = cdf value) as compared with 4.0 among conventional wetsuit materials. In addition, the expansion ratio of this material is 700% as great as that of conventional wetsuit materials.。
The first wetsuit material in Japan that offers both functionality and agility.
We began production of wetsuits in 1961.Before that time, wetsuits were mode of a tire tube material, and their rigidity greatly limited the motion of the wearer in water. Also, these wetsuits were hard to put on or take off. Our unique wetsuit material was intended to solve these problems. In the development efforts, we developed a rubber material containing closed cells and selected an optimal lining material. This new product instantly gathered recognition around the world. It is currently used in 70% or more of the high quality brand name wetsuits throughout the world.
We have developed swimsuits that are modeled after fishes.
In a new effort to support marine sports, we have developed swimsuits made of rubber material. This material combines the texture similar to the scales of a fish together with the characteristics of rubber to create a unique structure whose surface traps water molecules so that these water molecules can collide wish each other to decrease the drag and thereby increase the swim speed. The underwater drag of this material is 0.032 (coefficient of skin friction = cdf value) as compared with 1.3 to 1.5 with conventional swimsuit materials. This new material is expected to help swimmers break the existing speed records.
The honeycomb grip allows the golfer to optimize his power.
The honeycomb grip consists of unique closed cell type foamed material. Every square centimeter of the surface of the grip contains approximately 4,000 micro-concave cells. As a result, the contact area between the grid grip and golfer's hand is 2.5 times as large as a convention solid rubber grip. Thus, a golfer can fully transmit his or her power to the club without a loss of power.
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