Swimming Aids
Sounder swimming through Yamamoto’s Zero Position Swimsuit

The Zero Position Swimsuit developed by Yamamoto is a new swimsuit used as a learning tool for novice swimmers that adapts Yamamoto’s renowned high-performance, high-function rubber swimsuit material through air holes that provide extra buoyancy. This extra buoyancy is fine-tuned through a secret approach that reduces the discrepancy between the swimmer’s natural center of gravity and his or her zero position (the center of buoyancy). This allows the swimmer to maximize energy efficiency and swimming speed.

Learning to breathe properly while swimming is one of the most difficult challenges of learning how to swim. The Zero Position Swimsuit enables novice swimmers to maintain their “zero position” as they develop their breathing skills, thereby promoting more balanced swimming. The buoyancy provided by the Zero Position Swimsuit also requires that novice swimmers actually swim with their whole bodies, as opposed to other swim aid devices such as kickboards or leg floats that make it impossible to develop a natural swimming stroke.  

Applications The Zero Position Swimsuit is being used as a learning tool for novice swimmers by swim clubs and fitness centers throughout Japan, and it represents a new way Yamamoto is showing its commitment to improving the performance of both novice and experienced swimmers. The swimsuit has been widely adopted by Konami Sports Club, a national fitness center in Japan affiliated with the game maker.

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