Voice No. 1
Learning How to Use Your Body through Experiencing the True Value of Zero Position

Yoshihiro Fujimori
Manager of Nippon Sport Science University’s Swim Team (swimming, open water swimming, para swimming and synchronized swimming)
A coach designated by JOC to strengthen athletes for the upcoming Olympics

Since we started using Zero Position at Nippon Sport Science University where I coach, our athletes have improved their records by a large margin. More than ten athletes emerged from our school for the Japanese national team for events including the London Olympics and FINA World Championships, and six more were chosen to represent Japan at the Rio Olympics.

Fundamentally, I instruct them to definitely wear Zero Position when we do drills in training. When you use Zero Position, you can easily assume the body positioning you need in a race. Because of this, you can swim slowly and think about the precise movements of your arms and legs, even for drill training that is only supposed to be effective if you swim as fast as you do in a race. Moreover, many athletes use Zero Position during warmups. By doing so, they are able to gain a sense of good body positioning at the beginning of practice and use this sense throughout the day’s training.

Additionally, I think it is beneficial to use it for exercises you consider a weak point for yourself. For example, if you consider kicking to be a weakness of yours, use Zero Position during kicking exercises.

The secret is to repeat the same exercises with and without Zero Position.

You need to gain a good sense of body positioning by wearing it, and try to swim with the same sensation without it. By repeatedly swimming with and without Zero Position, you get to experience good and bad body positioning firsthand, and can gradually imprint the sensation of good body positioning on your body.

One of the good points of this swimwear is that that the swimmer still has to control subtle muscle activation in their core and lower body, which are necessary to get one’s toes to rise to the surface. The end goal is to obtain body positioning where even one’s toes rise beautifully to the surface when wearing normal swimwear, and to swim with that positioning. In order to do this, swimmers must learn to freely control their bodies underwater.

It is not that the swimmer’s toes will “automatically” rise to the surface, but rather that Zero Position stabilizes their core and makes them control their arms and legs. Zero Position is optimally designed for learning how to use their body subtlety and exquisitely to achieve this through experiencing it firsthand.

The entirety of good body positioning is consolidated upon sensation. The shortest route to learning sensations is through firsthand experience and this differs from how to learn pulls and kicks.

When training with Zero Position, constantly think about your body positioning and feel how you are using your body, and remember those sensations. The more you use your brain, the more your swimming will improve.

Zero Position also teaches you that improving your swimming is enjoyable and fun.

I recommend Zero Position, as it will further enrich your swimming life.

Voice No. 2
Three Points of Amazement after Using Zero Position

Takumi Yokawa
Teacher in charge of Miwada Gakuen Junior High and High School’s Swimming Club

Amazement 1
Within about two weeks of using Zero Position, changes appeared in the athletes swimming postures and many of them improved their times. For our team, the greatest changes were seen particularly in the breast stroke and butterfly athletes, and they had the greatest margins of improvement.

Amazement 2
We have a physically disabled athlete on our team, and when she joined the club she had trouble maintaining her posture and it took her around a minute and a half to swim 50m with the front crawl. After training with Zero Position, she was able to concentrate on improving her form. As a result, within about a year and a half of wearing Zero Position, she was able to swim 50m in 37 seconds, and was selected as “Nurture A” in a Tokyo Prefectural Government-led program to discover and nurture disabled athletes for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Amazement 3
When we used Zero Position in class, two students who could not swim well and could not swim without a kickboard for four years were able to complete an individual medley of 100m.
*Completed the medley while wearing Zero Position.

While Amazement 1 was something that I had anticipated to a certain degree, Amazements 2 and 3 were unexpected results and I strongly felt the potential of this product. I hope to see further research and developments that can be applied to a wide range of swimming instruction in the future.

Voice No. 3
Review Your Swimming by Using Your Brain and Zero Position

Takashi Yamamoto
Manager of Kindai University’s aquatics team

[Achievements as an athlete]
Three consecutive appearances at the Olympics in Atlanta, Sydney and Athens
Silver medal in the 200m butterfly and bronze in the 400m medley relay at the Athens Olympics

Zero Position has been extremely helpful as my athletes are able to train with good posture with their hips at a high position, experience firsthand the best kind of swimming for themselves, and learn how to swim well.

Each athlete uses their brain when using Zero Position, such as to decide when to use Zero Position to train, allowing them to think about many things in swimming. This has cultivated an attitude of taking initiative, and the athletes are now able to use their brains while swimming instead of simply swimming.

Voice No. 4
Zero Position Helps Maintain a Flat Posture which Improves Times

Haruki Yamamoto
Head Coach of Kindai University’s aquatics team

[Achievements as a coach]
7th overall in the men’s and 8th overall in the women’s competition at the Inter College Swimming Championships
Dispatched athletes to the Rio Paralympics
[Achievements as an athlete]
2nd at the Inter College Swimming Championships
6th at Japan Swim

Since 2015, all our members on our aquatics team started using Zero Position during training, and have improved their times so much that 33 of our athletes competed in the Japan Open. Before we used Zero Position, this number was below ten, meaning we have improved rapidly.

This can be attributed to the fact that the swimmers have learned proper form by wearing Zero Position in training and thus improving their posture.

When you use Zero Position, your center of gravity moves to the front of your body (the direction you are swimming) and this helps you maintain a flat posture. It was difficult for the athletes to actually experience what it meant to swim without letting their center of gravity fall behind even when we explained it, but by using Zero Position, they are now able to easily understand what this means.

By repeatedly swimming with and without Zero Position, they became able to maintain their body positioning even when they are not wearing it, which has made correcting the form of the swimmers easier. Moreover, because Zero Position is easy to take on and off over practice swimwear, you can quickly change in and out of the swimwear between sets.

We plan to continue to use Zero Position to improve the results of our athletes with proper posture and beautiful form, and purify the form of the entire team.

Voice No. 5
Zero Position is an Essential Item for Masters Swimmers

Hiroshi Shibuya

April 1960: Born in Osaka Prefecture
March 1983: Graduated from the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Keio University
Started swimming in first grade of elementary school and continued until his senior year of university
Applied “Vassallo Start” that was relatively new at the time and set a Japanese record in the 50m backstroke in July 1982
After finding out about a health issue in a health checkup when he was 41 years old, the doctor advised him to exercise, so he started competing in Masters swimming events. He is setting new records in backstroke for every distance in the Japanese Masters for his age group. He recognized the importance of posture through wearing full-suit rubber swimwear. He realized the effects of Zero Position after using it and has been a great fan ever since.

I believe everyone understands that to swim fast it is essential to have a high body position and make a beautiful streamline without resistance. Watching swimming events of the Olympic Games and World Swimming Championships we can see that all top swimmers swim as if their entire bodies are floating. However, I doubt that most Masters swimmers are training to be able to achieve this. Furthermore, people might not know how to make their bodies float even if they wanted to practice such. They may find that they cannot kick well or their swimming postures become abnormal although their bodies float and they are able to swim easily when using a pull buoy.

Zero Position can solve these problems as Zero Position floats! It can make the part around the waist that tends to sink, float naturally. In addition, it will not become an obstacle in swimming as it can be worn as normal swimwear. There are no other items that enable users to obtain a sense of high body position as easily as this.

The merits that I felt are as follows:
  • Users can gain a sense of correct swimming with a high body position
  • Cruising speed during training increases due to enjoying having a correct posture
  • Users can achieve high performance when using high-level swimwear in a race by harnessing the sense gained during training in Zero Position (I don’t think users will only rely on Zero Position)
  • Good swimming posture is maintained even when the body gets tired in the latter half of training (swimming posture is maintained in the latter half of races)
Unlike active swimmers, there are limits to the amount of training that Masters swimmers can do. However, it is possible to improve swimming abilities and enhance swimming sense, even at any age. This is because both beginners and advanced swimmers can improve their swimming abilities and enhance their sense of swimming in accordance to their level.

As mentioned at the beginning, posture is the basis of swimming. I believe that there are many people who cannot make a beautiful streamline and their bodies sink as various body parts tighten-up when they swim, even if they can make a beautiful streamline in push offs.

Zero Position is a perfect tool to help those people gain a sense of floating. Let’s take your swimming and swimming sense to the next level by using Zero Position!

Voice No. 6
Zero Position is an Essential Item for Masters Swimmers

Masami Higurashi
Masters swimmer & coach
Head of Masters swimming school NSS
Head of Masters team Blue Dolphins

Born in Sapporo in February 1963
Started swimming from the fifth grade of elementary school and participated in Masters swimming competitions from the age of 23
Set over 100 Japanese Masters records
As she entered the climacteric period, disorders occurred and she started to have many chronic diseases. Her records continuously slumped, but the experience of having difficulty in swimming led to her being able to empathize with Masters swimmers who find it hard to swim.

I am teaching Masters swimmers while also enjoying swimming as a Masters swimmer myself. Due to the water temperature where I am teaching being low at 27 to 28 degrees Celsius, Masters swimmers feel chilly as their training tends to be moderate. It feels especially cold during winter. We asked Yamamoto to create a high waist type swimwear to protect internal organs from coldness by covering the waist area more since we have many female swimmers. Swimmers became able to concentrate on swimming without being distracted by the cold temperature during training since the swimwear also has heat retention effects.

Most of the participants are beginners. They have no experience in floating with a horizontal posture as they gain balance in the water as they do on land. Most people are swimming without knowing the correct horizontal posture. Zero Position provides a huge support for such people. I believe that Zero Position can respond to all swimming levels in terms of supporting the posture of swimmers.

The lower half of the body of some middle to older aged beginners, especially men, is not floating at all. We ask those people wear the 3mm Type swimwear of Zero Position. People who can swim feel as if they are floating too much and that they are swimming with a swimming ring when using the 3mm thick type but this float is a help to beginners and gives them confidence by enabling them to swim at least 50m, even though they may not be able to obtain a horizontal posture in less than a few months.

Middle to older aged Masters swimmers with small muscle mass might feel that Zero Position is like pressurization training when the muscles are pumped-up during training. It can also help users get used to hard swimwear used in races and some people swim by using the sense of pressure while some only use it in warm-ups and drill training and not in swimming.

I believe that Zero Position will continue to support Masters swimmers in various ways.

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