New Product Release:Shield Wear for Countermeasure against Radioactive Water at Fukushima Nuclear Plant
October 17, 2013

Yamamoto Corporation, the special composite synthetic rubber material manufacturer and medical equipment manufacturer, announced it has developed the world's first radiation shield wear – different from radiation protection suit – as a measure against the radioactive water leaks at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. This radiation protection suit is a protective wear that minimizes the amount of radioactive material that sticks to clothing, and is not something that protects the body from radiation exposure.

The developed product can protect the body from the most damaging gamma rays while also protecting the body from beta rays at the same time.

The newly developed radiation shield wear is composed of two different radiation shielding materials.

1: Gamma ray – determined to be the most dangerous of all radioactive rays
The lower abdomen and the spinal area must be protected from gamma rays at all costs. The product is designed with inner wear that adopts gamma ray shielding material E400 for the lower abdomen and the spinal area.

2: Large amount of beta rays contained in highly radioactive water
A low concentration of beta rays can easily be protected against, but a high concentration of beta rays is extremely hazardous once it sticks to the skin. In order to protect the bodies of the workers who will process the radioactive water going forward, new structure and new materials that prevent radioactive water from entering the inside of the radiation shield wear are a necessity.

The product is prepared with an outerwear process that incorporates β38, a beta ray shielding material. This beta ray shielding material uses a special carbon and the wear is easy to work in as it is lightweight and elastic in addition to being watertight. The areas around the wrists and ankles, where radioactive material is particularly likely to stick, are double-layer structured and are able to completely prevent radioactive water from seeping in at the point where the wear comes in contact with the gloves and waterproof socks.

This is the world's first radiation shield wear to be developed with such gamma ray and beta ray shielding functions.

Up to this point, radiation protection suits (that can't shield radiation) were mainly used at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, but it is better to have workers who are knowledgeable of the site and have good understanding of the work procedures and conditions be involved for the long-term. To enable this, Yamamoto Corporation wishes to provide the workers with radiation shield wear that allows them to work safely and securely without worrying about exposure to radiation. In addition, Yamamoto Corporation believes that preparing a safe working environment is the best measure for Japan to gain trust from the world.

Yamamoto Corporation wishes to provide an environment in which workers can safely, securely, comfortably and smoothly perform their jobs in case of any possible future leak of radioactive water.

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