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Introducing Yamamoto Corporation’s rubber materials:
All materials are manufactured in the factories (in Japan) of Yamamoto Corporation. The factories have obtained ISO13485 Certificates, the international quality standards for medical equipment manufacturers. Yamamoto Corporation manufactures products under complete quality control.

Yamamoto Corporation’s rubber materials have a completely closed-cell foam (honeycomb structure), boasting very low density (light weight), high flexibility and excellent thermal insulation properties. Yamamoto Corporation can provide superior high-quality materials that meet the usage demands and environments, and at the desired thicknesses.

The grades shown with stars below are general indications after comparing them with other materials. Strength and flexibility will change when other processing is applied and/or fabric is attached.

One of Yamamoto Corporation’s regular materials. This material is frequently used as wetsuit material for wild marine sports such as scuba diving, kayaking and sailing, as well as spear fishing.
This is the most common material, even called Yamamoto 39 in overseas markets. This material is used in surfing, triathlons, swimming and spear fishing.
This material was developed by improving the flexibility of #39. This material is adopted as wetsuit material for surfing and triathlons, which require the wearers to have a flexible range of motion.
This material is the most flexible, and wetsuits made from this material are mainly worn by free divers and professional women pearl divers. Many divers love the wetsuits made with #45, after experiencing its comfort.
This material is a favored wetsuit material by professional women pearl divers and other professional divers, who need to dive in deep water.
Specialized strength material made by increasing the density of Yamamoto Corporation’s rubber through special compression. This material is used for dry suits.
Rubber material homogenously containing precious metals used as materials for the health promoting “Biorubber” and the medical care product “Medical Biorubber.” This material has the feature of emitting high-level infrared rays.

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