Japan Premium YAMAMOTO Material LineUp List of Yamamoto Materials & Processing

Introducing Yamamoto Corporation’s surface processing line-up for rubber materials:
The application of surface processing enables improvement of functionality including heat‐retention, buoyancy and decreasing friction, as well allowing a wide variety of coloring.

Yamamoto Corporation’s rubber is classified as “chloroprene rubber.” The special rubber incorporates an independent closed cell structure which adds high functionality including super-light-weight, high heat‐retention, good flexibility and high resistance to water pressure. This material is excellent for wetsuit materials to be worn underwater.
Yamamoto Corporation developed medical and health equipment, as well as radiation shield materials by applying technology to this material.
The major raw material of this rubber is limestone collected at Mt. Kurohime in Niigata Prefecture. This limestone originates from magma of a volcano eruption in the sea near the Island of Hawaii about 80 million years ago. ECO is a very earth-friendly rubber made from limestone.
Transformation into functional and colorful materials can be achieved through lamination by adding various rubber materials, textiles and air hole structures or through special processing. By doing so, it is possible to meet various needs of the market.

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