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SCS (SUPER COMPOSITE) METAL is a very unique neoprene material with a special coating of Titanium Alloy applied over the surface of the closed cell neoprene rubber with a further special low friction surface processing applied it. Micelle structure molecules on the rubber surface perform a revolutionary function by possessing hydrophobic properties (repelling water) in the air turning into hydrophilic (reducing friction resistance close to zero) in the water. The surface friction resistance is below 1/10 when dry and turns 1/100 when wet. This super low friction resistance of SCS METAL provides many functional advantages. The Titanium Alloy is a super thin 70 micron film form which generates great heat retaining heat retaining properties. SCS METAL is a material with extreme performance which allows the development of new concept water sport suits.
Smooth and Easy to Put on and Take off-Very Comfortable ! (SCS METAL on the Inside)

SCS METAL is very smooth against the skin and makes it amazingly easy to put a suit on and take off. In addition, unlike jersey SCS MSTAL dries very quickly very quickly after use, therefore when reusing a suit uncomfortable damp feeling is eliminated (suits always feel dry) SCS METAL provides added comfort to all water sports.
Anti-Bacteria : SCS METAL does not allow the growth of bacteria and keeps suit hygienic.
High Stretch : SCS METAL allows active body movement due to its superior stretch.
High Heat Insulation : SCS METAL generates great heat retention due to its low heat conductivity.
Remarkable Speed-Up ! (SCS METAL on the outside)

SCS METAL's super low friction resistance "Zero Drag" in water, improves swimming and diving speeds. Powerfully satisfies triathletes, professional dives etc.
Light Weight : SCS METAL does not absorb water and maintains the light of a suit.
High Stretch : SCS METAL provides comfort and extra freedom of movement
High Heat Insulation : SCS METAL keeps body heat and reduces body fatigue.
High Durability : SCS METAL is very durable with strong abrasion resistance.
Waterproof : SCS METAL provides high waterproof effect on seal parts etc.
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