Ti- is the new wet & dry suit material which consists of a five(5)-later structure, neoprene rubber coated with Titanium Alloy and then laminated with synthetic fibre jerseys. As illustrated, the Titanium Alloy is a super thin film which provides effective heat retaining and heat retaining properties. In fact, a double lined material with Titanium Alloy will be 40% warmer than regular neoprenes. The stretchability, feeling and wear comfort remain the same as conventional materials. This makes it possible to use a reduced thickness of neoprene, for instance 3.0mm in lieu of 5.0mm, obtaining the same thermal protection. Thickness and weight reduced by 40% retains the same warmth. Because of its lower buoyancy, civers do not have to use so many weights and rivers with more safety. It is now possible to make sure of a lighter weight, with more comfort and ease of movement, providing the user with less fatigue and comfort. "Ti-", the Hi-Tec composite material which the lead in the new century.
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